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It is not only installers who have to be MCS certified, but also the equipment that is installed too. In order to be MCS compliant all solar PV panels in the UK have to have a guarantee that they will produce a MINIMUM of 80% of their ORIGINAL output after 25 years of usage! Realistically, it is likely they will be producing electricity for many years afterwards, as there are no moving parts and the UK’s sunlight is not as intense as it is in eg Southern Europe, so the material does not deteriorate as fast as it would in an area of higher sunlight intensity.

‘The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certifies, quality assures and provides consumer protection for microgeneration installations and installers. These consist of small scale renewable electricity technologies such as solar PV, biomass, wind, heat pumps and heat products.’

You should always make sure your installers are MCS certified (you can check on the website above) as eg if they are not then you cannot get paid by your energy company to export any excess energy you produce to them.

We typically work with 3 Solar brands. These have been chosen based on a number of criteria - mainly the quality of their performance, the level of professional product support given as well as
their general aesthetics. We have been very impressed so far with these 3 companies however if you

have another company’s product in mind we will be happy to explore this option with you

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