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Meet the team

Marcus - Technical Engineer

Marcus has over 25 years in the Solar/Electrical Industry and comes from a Lecturing back ground. A Keen fan of knowing all regulatory requirements for the correct Design, Installation and Commissioning of any Solar PV system, what ever the size. There isn’t a lot Marcus does not know in either sector giving you piece of mind that all installations will be of the highest standard and exactly to the required regulations. As a Solar PV enthusiast Marcus prides himself on helping the environment, and helping others also help the environment whilst also being able to save people money.

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Sam - Electrical Engineer

Sam has been working in the electrical industry for numerous years and has a wide experience in domestic and commercial settings. He has been involved in renewable installation of solar and storage systems as well as car chargers. He has a keen attention to detail, with a desire to ensure neatness of the final installation as well as complying with regulations and industry best practice.

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John - Surveyor

John is a qualified retrofit surveyor, and was involved in The Energy Companies Obligation act, scheme 3. This was a government scheme to help improve the UK housing stock. Having recognised the importance of renewables,  he followed his passion into Solar Energy.

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Jean-Philippe - Surveyor

Jean-Philippe (JP) is a qualified retrofit assessor - JP has been involved in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries for the past 10 years. He too is passionate about Solar and likes to keep up with the developing trends in the global renewable energy transition.

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Solar Panels Technician

We are a small, personal and effective company and we take pride in placing attention to detail and in helping to educate our customers on the benefits of Solar Energy. We all have different skills sets but the one thing we have in common is our passion for Solar Energy. At the core, every customer and installation is treated as one of our own!

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