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Welcome to Solar Insight

We are a small local renewable energy company specialising in the installation of Solar pv and battery systems as well as home electric car (EV) charging points to properties throughout the Southern Home Counties. Right now, there is a rapid transition taking place away from fossil fuels and their associated problems (pollution etc) to a CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE and CHEAP source of energy - our SUN. Our objective is to help customers become as independent as possible in the production and storage of their own free electricity from the sun - allowing them to power the running of their homes and electric vehicles. We are passionate and dedicated in our endeavours to help them achieve this.

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Tailored Advice

Each customer’s needs are unique - In the area of energy production one size definitely does not fit all! We will tailor design of your PV system based on your unique needs and space available. There are many variables associated with customer’s needs based on things such as number of people in a property (and their ages - toddlers use much less electricity than teenagers!), % of time spent at a property, type of space heating (electric or gas?), electric car use and typical mileage etc.

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